Notice: This project is in it's infancy. Please allow some time for a better web site and documentation.

This project ( is a global search and replace utility for Linux. It was originally written by Peter Verhas who has some terse documentation at

Mr. Verhas' code is available on that site, but that's not what this is directly based off of. I had found a mutated version of the code, and Bret Hammond and myself have further altered it. We have had more ideas for it, and have enjoyed the tool a great deal. From a web-development shop's point of view, this is a simple yet powerful tool to handle those "Can you change 'foobar' to 'raboof' on all 36,256,853 web pages you just finished?... Thanks." requests.

Between the usefullness and the ideas, we thought it would be a good idea to formally develop and distribute it - especially since google revealed pretty much nothing when trying to find the code and it's author! So now I have a sourceforge site set-up, and have (with permission from Mr. Verhas) GPL'd and re-released the code.

I hope everyone can make as much great use of it as I have.

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